Title:  Where will I go?

Author:   Daniel_Owen
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Where will I go Theater play

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Where will I go?
After the show
Once I leave the theater

The play will go on.
Even when my story line is long gone
I’m thankful that I got to meet her

I’m glad our plot intertwine
In this vast expanse of this time
I’m thankful for it all!

For every scene
Understand what I mean,
I don’t care what happens after it all

But when my act is over
How can I keep my composure?
If this is what’s left

Is nothing more?
No seconded door!
Well I detest.

Comments on "Where will I go?"
Posted by Wrangwar on September 27, 2014

Posted by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld on May 13, 2014
Powerful and thought-provoking. Really enjoyed this, as it resonates metaphorically on several levels.

Posted by OTownPete on April 21, 2014
There's a nice little bistro just down the block from the theatre...perhaps a little nip would be appropriate