Title:  Somber Reply

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
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There was so much pain in her eyes
the first time that I saw her,
So much that without a thought I asked her why?
She opened her lips with this reply.

"My eyes have been weakened from my emotional demons,
which came from the ones deep inside.
It's not like I didn't try to escape.

Try as I did,
I failed
There was a war inside of me
for which no one could see"

It was in that moment that her eye began to bleed,
a slow tear of blood.
Dripped on the floor as I held her for the very first,
and the very last time.

Comments on "Somber Reply "
Posted by lavender_gymnast on December 25, 2013
thank you

Posted by littlewordsmith on December 22, 2013
I absolutely love this. Heartbreakingly beautiful!