Title:  T'was the Night When World Peace Came

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T’was the night when world peace came
By Iris K Barratt 2011

T’was the night when world peace came
When all through the house

Not a creature was snoring
Not even my spouse

The treaties were signed by the officials with care
In hopes that their intentions soon would be there

The children were all snuggled deep down in their beds
While visions of love and joy danced in their heads

The prayers were all said by the people before bed
They opened their hearts to peace, they felt guided and led

Now grandma and her kindness with me and the cat
Were all settled in for a warm winters chat

When out in the night, the Northern lights we could see
The colors glowed and danced as we smiled with glee

Staring out the window, oh how the colors they flashed
They swirled and they curled as the hours magically passed

With an intense shiver, I thought lively and quick
So I ran for the camera and took click after click

More graceful than eagles, bright angels they came
The children woke up and whistled and called them by name

Oh Beautiful, oh Peaceful, oh Merciful & Valentine
Come Delightful, Come Insightful, Come Clarity and Sunshine

From the cosmos of heaven to the core of the earth
The angel’s chorus of love brought us now a rebirth

And then in a twinkling I felt a very deep truth
As the hearts of all creation awakened as real proof

As I lifted my head while being firmly planted on the ground
I could see a peaceful rainbow colored glow as it circled all around

With the night sky ablaze and the angels glorious sound,
I had visions of world peace that left me spell-bound

I could see peace within our peoples, every color and hue
I could feel it in my soul that everyone absolutely knew

That peace for every creature is an honest birthright
And that right here and right now, world peace came this night.

Yet knowing how close we’ve come many times in the past
& that there was always some greedy agenda that didn’t let it last
my certainty about the reality of world peace began to feel dashed

So I fixed myself a cup of warm tea
& gathered my loved ones, with the kids upon my knee

We all shared our wisdom about the way it could be
If we all joined together & were kind and truly free

After breakfast the man on the TV actually said
That the world was now free with no war threats to dread

For you see the officials of every country, town and state
Had the same visions of freedom and peace to which we all relate

The spirit of peace and equality was now a reality
And the papers were all signed with legalese and great clarity

Oh yes, we remember the night when world peace came & selfishness gave way
and the peace in our hearts and minds was finally here to stay

Some said it could never happen
Some said it never could
Yet enough of us somehow knew that it would.

Wishing you Peace, Joy and Love always!
Iris & Michael Barratt

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