Title:  the seller

Author:   grunge
Category:   Weird
Keywords:  for sale ... clearance rack

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maybe if i lied , yesterday would've been better
i'm sure if i lie , tomorrow will be complete
had i not lied , there'd be no ties to be severed
and i'd save myself a swim in the river of deceit
sometimes a lie weighs as much as a feather
usually one's bad but two make it better
at times a feather floats carelessly through the air
other times the feather weighs more than a heart can bear
one time i lied to make me seem stronger
it offered no shortcut , just made my road longer
when you're under the gun , you lie to relieve pressure
i bet , once you've lied , to make someone feel special
rarely when i lie , do my pants actually catch fire
iv'e got a few lies for sale , do you know any buyers ?

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