Title:  Alone

Author:   ESharon
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  God, believe, burden, grace, pain

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That multitude that knows so well
His grace that abundantly abounds
And I engulfed in my living hell
My martyr’s wounds to which I am bound.

They sing His love and proclaim it as
This gift discriminate to none
While I know it leaves me fast
On this journey created for one.

The scores who raise their voices crying
And God, their burdens, does relieve
Yet I am left here aching
Wondering what it means to believe.

Comments on "Alone"
Posted by ESharon on December 29, 2013
Thank you! Your encouragement means a lot!

Posted by grunge on December 29, 2013
I liked your other poem... Till I read this one! This one is amazing !