Title:  not sure

Author:   eric88
Category:   Angst
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as i travel down the road I happen to see a mass of faces and a treasure of themes

like wise i ponder and wander and stray, yet linear i continue and linear i stay

so much of time is wasted away, alone I travel, only glimpses of people i rather know yonder

for ahead and before my eyes take away, the sights of ladies and men

each one of there own yet connected to them, each one connected but absence i ponder

absence of one far ahead may be true, the exit and descent leaving one to few

with this fear I continue to walk in solitude, as the leaving of love is hard to dispute

Comments on "not sure "
Posted by jmang33 on January 06, 2014
soothing....scary. like this, I got a few of your poems to read been off for a while (x