Title:  Drop

Author:   W.T.K
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Life, water, thoughts, ending, source of lifetime

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He is seated on the bark
Light draws him, red-hot darkness fills him up
No more visions of common relatives, he has,
Never of mindless thoughts, he thinks,
But of deep nightmares, he dreams.

Souvenirs are drenched,
Sinking in sorrow,
Soaking in grave reasons.
- 'Drain it all! Let the swell of the wind drink your ache,
Holy!' -

But cat-calls of the past are harsh, caressing them
Reminded him of existence,
Joyful, melodically, shiny ripples
In the ghostly heart,
Where positive becomes rapidly negative again.

Whispers of souls are dropping, dry
- 'Help, help!' They sighed -

It was too late, his final
Tear is shed,
In the river of bones of lost lives

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