Title:  Sinking into the Office (Part 2)

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  fake, accustomed, unnatural , unsaid lies

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On her Third day,
she entered the office with blemishes on her face, from stress.
Drained eyes, and an unnatural beauty.

She painted her face in the way,
every other woman did in her office.

Red Lips, Smokey eyes, fake lashes, and an intense blush,
to hide the blemishes and what she thought to be a beautiful tone.

Until a co-worker saw her and said "well, look who cleans up nice". Then another:
"you're stunning today" and a final worker "wow, you really are beautiful".

It was in that moment she realized,
no one would see her for her natural beauty and the confidence she once had.

Because everyone around her was a fake, accustomed to stereotypes, and honestly couldn't identify themselves under all of the unsaid lies.

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