Title:  Her Voice

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  her, sound, voice, beautiful, dead

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As I talked to her for the first time
I was sucked in by her ravishing beauty.

No one else understood why
Not even I.

The first time we talked
I couldn't help but sense the
tone she used.

So happy but concerned at the same time
as if she were trying to hide something from me
but also to enjoy my company.

The next,
she spoke with a more concerned and blissful, stream but with an envy I could not see.
I pondered time and time but it never caught my eye as to why,
she would speak so differently every time we were to meet.

Then the last time I were to see
my ravishing beauty she spoke as if her life was a lie
and she was prepared to die.

With her I learned to listen carefully for it could have changed the world for me.

Comments on "Her Voice "
Posted by littlewordsmith on January 12, 2014
You write so beautifully, I love this!