Title:  dreaming

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  dreaming sun

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no more dreaming under the rising sun
and listening to the memories of old trees
the trail of an immortal man
sets aside the doubts of what is not real
when he falls on his knees
to kiss those who no longer feel
the beauty that lies behind mortal fears
and the marching parade of too many tears
reach out for the hand that will guide the upcoming years
left behind in a desert of wounds that don’t seem to heal
don’t die without knowing why
there are so many words untold
abandon the sanity that is too shy
and conquer the reality of feeling old
a colourful life that is left behind
will return to haunt the visions of all the bright eyes
waiting to look inside a faceless mind
suppressed by the presence of what seems to be
to free all there will ever be seen
of the rising dreams hidden in the deep of all those hoping
to spend some time remembering
while dreaming under the setting sun.

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