Title:  somewhere

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  somewher

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take me somewhere
where I don’t feel alone
where a child is born on a golden throne
in the midst of being out there
I feel the rhythm of an old curious man
on his way to the otherside of morning
to join the eternal haunting
of voices and faces
how can I leave this stage?
how can I change places?
I thought it is not my age
shall I ever take care
or will I also be without
it is time to move my load
and live in happiness
along a deserted railroad
hand in hand with the fading sadness
now the light is shining bright
as I found a substitute for my emptiness
in the presence of what is true
now I can let myself run free
and quench me
with everything I want to do

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