Title:  In Your Presence

Author:   Opus
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  That moment when you just look at someone, and you've fallen in love; however, that moment of praise doesn't last forever.

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In solitude, I peek through elegant winds,

And my eyes pierce every Golden Light,

As its radiance, flows freely below

The clear morning skies.

Mysteriously transparent to all,

My instincts search for my life!

For my heart has been lifted from its grave,

But has lead the path towards a beloved.

Speech, song, poem, or psalm cannot define

This beautiful reality I have perceived,

In a dimension, where, evidently,

Grace and Divinity must only exist, because

All that appeared before me was an angel.

It's as if I dove into the Sun,

And have fallen into the Heavens!

With every breath I took, when I caught that

Glimpse of efflorescing love, in its entirety,

The air became to dense for me to carry.

But, now, this "reality" departs;

Your Spirit becomes the

Beams of Hope I embrace every night.

I raise my head, and I realize

I'm in the Presence of Eternity.

Thus, you exist far into a distance

I will never get to reach; however,

I am destined to reunite with

My heart, once again.

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