Title:  The Gift of Thinking

Author:   dragonfly
Category:   Memories
Keywords:  thinking, memories

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I found the Gift to slow down time,
I slowed my memories to keep them undying.
But there's no such thing to make them everlasting,
So I had to go on and keep on trying.

I tried the Gift of getting them unplugged
For another day, to recall.
But living in silence leaves me thinking,
And with no memories I began to fall.

So I searched for advice, now sinking,
And I found the Gift of free mind.
But what is life without thinking
And mind with no memories inside.

That is why I gave up on all,
With my memories still intact.
I left the bad ones in the dark,
And the good ones in a safe place packed.

I no longer have the problem of sinking,
Because I have the best Gift: The Gift of thinking.

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