Title:  Peace, Friendship, Freedom

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Life
Keywords:  meaning of life

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In society I know my thoughts.
They’re something that can’t be bought
Open to all, no matter who.
Hand and hand, a given view.

Peace, friendship, freedom.
I certainly need them.
They’re parts of life’s little seed,
Just ahead in the lead.

To help one another,
To face the world with an open mind,
To share all you have to make one smile,
To love all.

The joy those close to you bring.
A life in which to find comfort from friends.
The love, from the family end.
Helping family makes me sing.

Life has its ups and downs,
But all one needs is hope.
To survive; and take care of one’s needs.
For the mind is the strongest.

Don’t be afraid,
For the present is the future,
To start all anew.
For tomorrow is today; the plans of your days.

Living now, not yesterday.
Being happy and looking forward day by day.
If sad, thinking through it.
At peace with oneself and thy neighbor is unity.

October 14, 1979

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