Title:  Never mentioned

Author:   Lilpoetry147
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Writing

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I am supposed to be writing
but I think I'm afraid
this paper will be the only one to see what is written
my feelings as useless as a story or poem that nobody reads
my mind full of thoughts longing to be expressed
but will putting them on paper be my shock therapy
zapping me back into a world where I cry, and laugh and smile
not just walk around like some great mystery
that hides some deep dark pain
but as with all great secrets, it's never mentioned
and once every year
like some ritualistic holiday
I am free to break down and touch base
to keep myself just a little bit human
as ahead I face another year
of wondering if I feel too much
or maybe too little
a little too sensitive
or a little too cold
or probably both
so equally unbalanced
they balance each other out

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