Title:  Starlings.

Author:   Saffron6
Category:   Life
Keywords:  worth ,value, self, identity,

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The starlings,are in the garden,
eating all the bread.
Meanwhile in the kitchen,
a family are being fed.
Fathers off to work,
after taking his son to school,
mum she'll stay home,
she does as a rule.
Starlings in the garden,
eating all the bread,
I watch you while I wash the dishes,
before I make the beds.
Another two years now,
and my daughter leaves me too.
She'll go to school with her brother,
what then will I do?
I've been a wife I've been a mother
but who did I used to be?
It makes me sad but I get the feeling,
that no one remembers me!
Starlings in the garden,eating all the bread,
"bloody scavengers, starlings"
my father always said.
Starlings in the garden,don't eat all the bread.
Take a look around you,
there are others to be fed.

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