Title:  The Missing Piece

Author:   KylieAnn
Category:   Children
Keywords:  Love loss miscarriage

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Your first Christmas came without you
You're the unopened secret screams

We carry you in our broken hearts all day
And unwrap you in our dreams

I see you in every bulging belly
In every Mother's thoughtless kiss

I see you in empty baby shoes
I see you in that, I see you in this

You're in every why can't that be me
And the tears hidden in my car

You're the missing piece of every minute
...I wonder where you are

You were here before you weren't
There was a future with you in it

Now you're the broken parts of us
And the missing piece of every minute

Comments on "The Missing Piece"
Posted by nml on March 12, 2014
shit, I started to cry! very
beautiful poem, though to this
I can´t relate. But in the part
Your in every 'why can´t that be me*
shouldn´t it been written like
anyway.. I liked it alot :)