Title:  Pros and Cons

Author:   wonderfulblue
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life.

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you don't hear them
evil villains
in movies
gangster films
"you can't kill him here, but go next door, it's legal."
you don't hear the Inspector telling the next batch of Birlings
she wasn't killed - she was in the bedroom
the location of the act doesn't change
it’s nature
the geography of crime doesn't lessen
24 hours separate a disabled child
from waste disposal
the next generation is worth nothing more
than the paper on which is written:
"Patient Jones. Discharged 14th February. Alone"

the most embracing of a mother's hugs
the one place where we are allowed to murder

something changes inside you, the first time
someone changes inside you. fatally. every time.
just data on a screen. just numbers in a graph. no worry or strife
No. its not evaluation
but a simple decision.
a simple choice.

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