Title:  Fifteen months.

Author:   littlewordsmith
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  Finally letting you go after fifteen months of agony.

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You left me stranded in oblivion,
Despite all the love I planted in your barren fire
In faith for summer daffodils to bloom through your dormant hollowness.

I bestowed my heart
Upon the grasp of your palm
But even its steady serenade wasn't sterlingly worthy to you.

Your wielded words have crippled me time and time again
Paralysing my senses
Until my sanity began to decay.

But now I've bled you out of my veins
And unto my paper for the last era,
Inking your name away
Untangling myself out of these chains.

The moment has come for me to let you go
After fifteen months, you’d think I already did so.

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