Title:  Why Are We So Different ?

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  you and i , why are we so different

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Some days I feel like you are the queen and I am the peasant ,
which is weird because I couldn't repress it.

You fill my mind with negative thoughts
but other times you make me feel as though
I'm the best whomever so.

I see you everyday,
every time I pass a mirror , a stream of clear water that reflects, and when I look into the eyes of others.

You are supposed to be my number 1
the one I love and trust the most;
sometimes I feel it is a constant battle to do both
and I never truly win

We are in this together til the end without a choice
sometimes I feel you can't even hear my voice,

If we are exactly the same then tell me why.
Why are we so different?
In the end.

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