Title:  The Little Mermaid's Last Thoughts

Author:   Dollface
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  mermaids, love, sad, sea, ocean,

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I feel the salt water spray upon my cheeks
An end to this plague of anguish is all I seek
But I am left with nothing, a void; my spirits weak
I lay myself against the cool wet rock
Watching you sit by a faraway dock
From such a far view
Ive lost myself in you
I gave up my voice and the riches of the undersea garden
Without your kiss I lost my end of the bargain
So many words I tried to say
With my eyes during those three wondrous days
I gave up my family, I deserve no respect
So frightened, I cannot bare another step
Your land was like sharp coral and shark's teeth
That's all my delicate feet could feel underneath
I came to your rescue and pulled you to the beach
But you cast me away because I have no speech
You broke my heart, my only dream
Every beat of my soulless heart aches, I can't even scream
I bled as my legs danced and swung for you
I wish I still had my tongue to sing to you
I tried to embellish myself with pearls and shells
But you were caught in another woman's love spells
I will soon cease to be
For I was born to become part of the sea
If you ever look back for me I'll be reaching for you as the shore
And pulled back to the deep water's floor
But all you'll hear is the ocean's thunder and roar
I cannot bring myself to use this blade
Or my true love for you would fade
The waves crack and break on the sand
So much infliction I won't ever understand
I feel something settle on my cheeks and lips to my surprise
Is this water pouring out of my eyes?
Is this me turning into this water, where I belong to roam?
I held myself taking my last look at what I thought would be home
Before I fall into these waves and decay into nothing but foam

Comments on "The Little Mermaid's Last Thoughts"
Posted by eric88 on March 21, 2014
Absolutely love this one