Title:  chaotic mood

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  mood brain heart emotion

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some things go wrong
but it feels good
all I will ever ask for
is written on my door
my memory is strong
when I am in a chaotic mood
hello, my friend
the water is never too deep
the silence I have spend
wil never put me to sleep
dancing on the rhythm of a run away train
I do not have to pay attention
and have mercy with my tormented brain
that takes me on a trip of reflection
to rescue the song of my brave heart
I am the one who will abondon reason
and live in the brightness of twinkling stars
defeat the dragons of treason
waiting to live a life without bars
lost and found
in the beauty of my confusion
the dangers of smiling quick sand all around
but they only feed my burning emotion
in the arms I can’t escape anymore
but I will keep on longing for more

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