Title:  Mommy whats an abortion?

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Category:   Family
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What's an abortion Mommy?
Is it a gift for me?
I'm looking forward to the day
When in your arms I'll be.
Mommy do I hurt you
When I roll around inside?
I'm getting bigger everyday
And harder for you to hide.
I hear you when your talking mommy
I hope your excited about me
I love you and my daddy too
And can hardly wait to see.
Mommy what's the pain I feel
I'm scared and don't feel well
Did something happen to you mommy?
Have you slipped and fell?
Mommy, mommy I hurt so bad
My bodies being torn
What's the matter with me mommy
Its way to early to be born.
Mommy please make it stop
I cannot take the strain
Something's pulling me apart
I'm in such awful pain.
I'm bleeding so bad mommy
Please tell me what's gone wrong
I can't hold on much longer mommy
And then I will be gone.
Mommy please I'm so scared 
Just tell me your alright
I really want to stay with you
But its to hard to fight.
I love you mommy I got to go
I'm sorry I couldn't stay
Tell daddy that I love him
And I hope you'll be ok.

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