Title:  converse convergence

Author:   jahmajor
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  converge connect

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two lines, rails really, long and straight
until they turn
they meet up there
but here they're side by side
waiting for the turn
to meet
but each line knows
the meeting really
really never comes
the lines up there
they're parallel
but from there they seem to converge
even further up
my sneakers
your sandals

Archimedes said
you or nothing can ever get to somewhere
because halfway
you have to get halfway between where you are
and where you are headed
and halfway again from there
and again
and again
looks like a convergence
up there
but again no convergence
beautiful all the same
that converging
up there

Comments on "converse convergence"
Posted by eric88 on April 05, 2014
really great work, loved the flow and rhythm you incorporated in it.