Title:  Off the Face of the Earth

Author:   supineplath
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Earth, fell, surface, waking up, rest

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It's fine by me that you fell off the face of the Earth.
I'd almost prefer it that way.
It's exactly what I needed to not feel you around anymore,
and not feeling you here is what I hold dear.
I keep waking up and feel the absence of led in my lungs and
led on my chest.
I am always able to rest.
Laying you to rest now was what I held dear.
I've washed my hands of all that felt like you.
But the dirt and grime always felt like you. Wasted time.
So now that you've come back to the surface,
I've taken a dive myself and I'm never coming back here again.
I will never come back here again, for falling is something
that I've never felt before.
I've never felt so free.

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