Title:  there is only you

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Hope
Keywords:  hesitate change

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open the door
and look around
it is a strange world out there
but don’t hesitate and step on the slippery floor
and dance on a metal sound
sweet words no longer seem to care
look for yourself beyond the forbidden zone
tired of where you assume you belong
there are so many places to call home
where you can share a love song
where even in the dead of night
you still wonder
why the perfume of a thousand kisses linger
on the back of your hinsight
but now you know that it is never too late
to join some debate
and discuss things that can't wait
time to change the beat of your heart
and meet the face of a new start
reflected in the mirror in front of you
time to do what you always wanted to do
and remember that in the end there is only you

Comments on "there is only you"
Posted by starlight dancer on June 08, 2014
Thank you Anon for your comment. As you know, poemes are the fruits of emotions.

Posted by ~Anon~ on May 10, 2014
I love this one~