Title:  Approaching Acceptance

Author:   OTownPete
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  faith bound journey

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The sound
of my footfalls
fractured the calm
of the morning,
just past the rising
of the sun.

The path
that lay before me
was daunting,
the gut check
of the journey had
just begun.

The thrill
of the unknown
crept up inside me,
not overwhelming,
yet not easily
brushed aside.

myriad paths,
none bearing a sign,
presented challenges
for each
ensuing stride.

This excursion
was witnessed deep
in a dream
whose clarity
was an invitation not
to be ignored.

A knapsack
was stocked with only
survival supplies
to sustain,
as that ghostly goal I
moved on toward.

I’d told
not a soul of this sojourn
I undertook,
outside input
would just serve to
slow my pace.

With an
internal map that was etched
with my faith,
I said a
silent prayer to my Lord,
just in case.

Once underway,
turning back was no
longer an option,
the prize
awaited the faithful at the
end of the line.

No one to
lean on or from whom
to draw strength,
one set of
footsteps pressed forward,
they were mine.

With steady
resolve and unflagging
forward progress
I watched
the shadows the lowering sun
was now casting.

Soldiering on
through the temptation of
taking a different road
I felt surging
warmth as I neared to
a life everlasting.

Putting behind me
the mistakes and greed
of my past,
while taking up the
mantle of the dream sermon
I’d heard.

I no longer
feared living and held more
comfort with death,
I’d been
clothed in the uplifting fabric
of His word.

Comments on "Approaching Acceptance"
Posted by RianPitan on April 21, 2014
Beautiful! You have a momentum to this poem that pushes onward in much the same way life does, which I am sure was your intention. I enjoyed this poem...