Title:  Source of Creativity

Author:   RianPitan
Category:   Learning
Keywords:  rap, creativity

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My mind is swimmin’ in an ocean of poetry
the words and the music, its meaning flows right over me
but that doesn’t stop me from tryin’ to decifer
the meaning and the purpose of an artist for lifer.

That’s how I live my life,
from one thought to another
following this thread
from my mind to some other.
A person or event who I don’t even know
I surely can’t see, I can’t believe even though...
I sense the connection and the bonds are tried and true
this resevoir of ideas direct from me to you.

So, this is how it works?
I’m convinced that its true.
Perception can be tricky
kinda "If I only knew!"
the things...not taught by my family or society
a feeling in my gut that I know might be a rivalry
to the logic in my mind
cause I do this all the time
but no one here can help me understand unconscious rhyme. Yo,

I’m left to work it out
for myself I have no doubt.
I’ll act it out again
cause I have no other route.

February 2011

Comments on "Source of Creativity"
Posted by paulapuddephatt on March 17, 2012
I love it, too! I'd also love to hear the rap, as it sounds like it was written to be performed, more so than read on a computer screen!!!

Posted by mherrmann14 on February 07, 2012
I'd love to listen to the rap! The flow is brilliant.

Posted by Just.A.Girl on December 12, 2011
Talk about flow! This is really good =] The rhymes worked really well in emphasizing the main points in the poem. Well done!