Title:  Long Con, Money Gone

Author:   OTownPete
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Cautionary Tale

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Scurrilous by nature, filled with disgust,
he calmly plans out his latest long con.
A charlatan you should view with distrust
before all your folding money is gone.

Look very closely for the shift in his eyes
and that lying inflection in his voice.
It's a private carnival, you are his prize,
bilking naivete is his practiced choice.

His stories are tailored to hold you quite rapt,
they're gobbled up like chocolate dessert.
Once inside his web you're hopelessly trapped,
you'll be lucky if you lose only your shirt.

This advice I offer up is time tested and real,
let it burn hot like the tail of a truth rocket.
It's remembrance acts like an invisible seal
to keep his thieving hand out of your pocket.

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