Title:  Where the Plum Fairy Hides

Author:   OTownPete
Category:   Society
Keywords:  It is up to each and every one of you to make up your own mind about this one…I am not taking a position, more offering an exposition. I will fully understand if this alarms or disgusts you…if so, let me know. Life is not always as we would wish.

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Hold tightly to my hand and
walk this way,
this is a path I walked years ago
in my youth.

I’m really not the bad guy that they’re
all wont to say,
although I’m disheveled and
a bit uncouth.

Coming out of the woods on
the other end
there will be cotton candy
and pony rides.

Keep up with the pace, my
new young friend
I’ll even show you where
plum fairy hides.

What’s this sudden resistance,
why’d you stop?
Come along child or we’ll
be woefully late.

Stop that now, don’t you dare
signal that cop!
I’ll be headed back inside if we
stop and wait.

The shrillness of your wailing
and screaming
froze me dead in my tracks,
in utter shock.

If you’re snatched from my grip
in a gleaming,
I’d be going where a man in booth
engages my lock.

Now here’s where you get to judge me
for who I am,
you’re free to go off on any
tangent you’d like.

Am I a sick man or just a perverted
dirty old man
because my twisted mind pictures
man with tyke?

They’ll drug me up and use shock
treatment to get
these socially unacceptable thoughts
out of my head.

Do they really believe all that will
make me forget?
This was stamped on me; it’ll be with me
until I’m dead.

Comments on "Where the Plum Fairy Hides "
Posted by starlight dancer on April 22, 2014
refreshing and intersting to read
I read it several times and it still makes me wonder. nice work.