Title:  A Sing Song Proverbial Ditty

Author:   OTownPete
Category:   Humor
Keywords:  A Pantoum for your perusal

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Ambling down the sidewalks of time
stepping carefully over each crack
remembering each reason and rhyme,
never breaking my Mama's back.

Stepping carefully over each crack
habitual in nature, yes, safety first.
Never breaking my Mama's back,
I amble on, whistling, lips pursed.

Habitual in nature, yes, safety first
the credo I embrace and live by.
I amble on, whistling, lips pursed,
crack avoidance I'd never deny.

The credo I embrace and live by
is a sing song proverbial ditty.
Crack avoidance I'd never deny
while perambulating around the city.

Is a sing song proverbial ditty
only present in my miracle mind?
While perambulating around the city
avoidance skills are polished, yes shined.

Remembering each reason and rhyme
midst the jingle of each nickle and dime.
Crack avoidance becomes a practice divine
ambling down the sidewalks of time.

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