Title:  Spellbound

Author:   OTownPete
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Under her spell

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I’m razzled, I’m dazzled, I’m under your spell,
my heart no longer beats just for me
I’m phased, just amazed how you weaved it so well,
there’s no hope I could ever work free.

I’m humbled ‘cause I stumbled into your web of desire,
must admit that I’m grooving alright.
I’m scorched ‘cause you torched me with sweet fire,
hell, don’t believe I ever mounted a fight.

You’re so pretty I’m giddy just admiring your face,
the edge of perfection you possess.
The line I crossed has me lost in a wonderful place,
being lost ain’t so bad, I confess.

My veneer is flustered, soft as custard ‘cause you are near,
want to embrace you and never let go.
Your kisses so sweet sealed my defeat, it’s perfectly clear
just who’s been scripting this show.

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