Title:  the turn of the century

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  century memory

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the turn of the century
is no reason to die for
just a face of a memory
looking up from a shiny floor
a picture of forever more
reflected in the eyes of a mighty one
flying through the shadow of a cloud
towards the aura of the setting sun
the lonely trail of a man without love on the run
hoping to find the turn of the century
at the end of another weary day
in a colourless place
with no reason to stay
lured by the presence
of a hidden passage way
lit by flickering candlelight
where a golden stairway
reflected by cold limelight
deceives the eyes of a pale face
in a mirror of rippling water
and shattered grace
it is time to watch away
and embrace the never ending story
present in the turn of the century

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