Title:  Riding Home

Author:   Yangz
Category:   Hope
Keywords:  Its about a feeling of soldier after a war. He rides back home but memories of cruelty still haunts him. He tries to find peace after disgarding his guns.

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Riding home a once vigorous steed.
Trot, trot, passing many a tree,
Across many dancing rivulets, the beast lead,
Many glorious vales surely.
Burdened with a rifle, hung left.
Whistling an end of the ugly triumph,
Ignorant to what of past has theft.
Four springs stolen from his prime.

Ahead on the journey,
makes a pause.
Halt tune and dismounted the horse,
Views the river and decided a march
Fear settles in thought of March.

Fatigued, tired and pain, the ill fed soldier,
Thud, thud closely fell their comrade
Twice as much down went their foes colder
Death brood over field's chaos funeral parade
Victors then resent to celebrate
More than what was won had they lost
Defeated hung low their heads also irritate
Curse, the war, the world, shame both side have cost.

Startled and angered then he came around.
Rifle now on right with catridge on the other.
Many could swear, what is to rebound,
but slowly he watch as the metals sink.
Never, he vowed, on arms be there another.

Still ridin' home, the once vigorous steed,
Trot, trot passing many a tree.
Across many dancing rivulet, the beast lead.
Many glorious vales surely,
relief now of a burden to relive the journey.
All horror vanquished, to fear, immune.
A hidden smile sketch the now unshaven face,
whistlin' away, the soldier, plays the unkown tune.

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