Title:  Raven

Author:   ~Anon~
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  Raven, letter, love

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I once received a message
A message from my love
Written on the back of a Raven
And not a perfect Dove.
If my love truly loved me,
I thought dully.
Surely he would send me
A Dove.
The Raven then spoke
And this is what it said:

I am a better view of love
Than a perfect Dove.
My eyes
Black and piercing
Show the darkness you will face.
My claws
Sharp and pointed
Show the words you will exchange.
Yet when I fly,
I soar.
High into the night.
My voice calling out as i reach for the stars with my wings.

And with that it flew away.
The letter blew lazily over to me.
As i unfurled it, I read
In my loves sloppy print;
I love you.

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