Title:  One Hell of a Surprise

Author:   Rextremens
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Surprise

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Whether the willows wilt or wallow,
Within the flowery vail adorned
Which then time returned to swallow
Could eliminate the scorned
But then found those defending
That which comes from the crown
For I who bore it alone
Until it cracked and fell
And left the royal one to roam
Then rendered him alone
When wandering I found
An infinitesimal root
A sign buried deep in the ground
Of a new day
Of a new sound
Deep like my wounds
Strong like my downs
Resounding like a new idea
Like a novel thought
Of a sense of pride
The courage to act on it
The prize left inside
And one hell of a surprise

Comments on "One Hell of a Surprise"
Posted by ThyEternalSummer on May 10, 2014
This is GREAT! I love it. It's very well written.