Title:  Loosing a Sense

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  sense, smell, taste, touch, feel,see, hear

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I layed down and covered my eyes, to block my sense of sight.
The conversations I heard were what I had been use to but rather unordinary because I could not see the expressions the people were giving.

The sun of my face felt beautiful as the grass smelled more fresh.
I had lost a sense but begun to appreciate and use my others more.

I plugged my ears shut so it was silent.
The world was staring back at me. I looked more closely at the movements of things and could taste a sight by the way it looked.

In my eyes everything was more vivid and the smell was more exotic

I held my nose shut so I could not smell. Holding my mouth open so I could breathe.
The air tasted bittersweet. I heard the popping of food I had just eaten in my mouth.

It is very hard to concentrate, to breathe through my mouth for so long.

I made it so I could not taste a thing. The food was plain, and sadly the kisses i gave were just as plain.

I made it so I could not touch. I felt vulnerable as other people were able to touch me. The hugs I tried to give were a disappointment. I realized how lovely it feels to be able to hold someone or something with love.

By taking away each sense one by one I began to appreciate each one even more.

There would be no life for me if I had none.

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