Title:  Unforgettable

Author:   Rextremens
Category:   Learning
Keywords:  Untitled

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Telling stories,
Living them out,
Finding that things get sorted,
Fumbling in that same instance,
I find many things regrettable,
No forethought,
And most unforgettable.

Comments on "Unforgettable"
Posted by Rextremens on November 23, 2013
I took your advice and updated the titles to my poems. Thanks for the tip! :)

Posted by fostercare on April 23, 2012
At first I thought you had posted the same poem and then in checking further relized it is a form of yours. It would be great if you could add a number to Untitled so when I speak to a friend I can tell them which poem to read. But whatever you do keep writing. I am enjoying the opportuntiy to see your material.