Title:  Awakening

Author:   Coltenevans
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Jesus, Christ, king, love, joy, pain, anger, hurt

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Past, present, future
Oh so much can change
So much has - so much will

15 years -life took over
What I thought - what I believed
My knowledge - My perspective
Oh so slim - Oh so weak
This life - How could it be

I have awoke - from my bitter sleep
My eyes - now wide open
My thoughts - now clear
For once I realized - greatness and glory
Beauty and passion and most of all love

Love - what is love?
We do not and cannot
grasp the full idea of what love really is
But u ask me what love is?
God. God is love
The one and only true god
Is love

Beauty from dust - thats what he did

The Lord the god heavens ruler thank you
For my eyes are open and my ears are listening and for once in my life
I Am truly
I now see what u have done around me. What beauty you created
With just the sound of a word.

Lost and misguided
Yet unaware
All the pain and denial
Oh what I was missing
If only I knew
How great - how good
I would feel

All I was - all I knew
Fake joy- to cover the sadness
Fake love - to mask the pain
And fake kindness - to mask the insecurities

Never once
Did I ever
accept theses struggles
All is good - all is welll
That's what I told myself
That's the biggest issue of them all

My past.
My unrighteousness - my unworthiness
How can you accept a man like me
So much sin - so much failure
So much lust and addiction
This last year oh so much pain and regret
Drugs and Sex what a battle
A battle so significant
A battle
that I lost
A battle and a struggle that made me feel so week and insignificant
A battle that left me thinking
I have no way out
Love - your unconditional and eternal love
That is why you accept me .
That is why you forgive my sinful self
Your love is greater than any other.
Stronger than anything
Bolder than anyone- and everyone

I am ready to serve u lord.
With what you have planned for me .
I am ready to take on the challenges with you on my side .
And this time I mean Truly on my side

What used to be words in a book are now my personal communicator to the father who created me .
The same father who developed me in the beginning of time.
The same father who planned me.
Who gave inspiration.
The father
who gave me

I pray to you my father - show me the way
Show me my path for I will follow
I will live up to you - I will make my life worthy of you and your love
Your endless
And unconditional


Comments on "Awakening "
Posted by NMTD on April 26, 2017
Very good for a fifteen-year-old!