Title:  A look on life

Author:   Coltenevans
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Love

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A look on life

Life is no train ride
There is no constant foward movement
There is no destined path to be followed
Except one that was given to us by the king himeself

Life is more like driving a car
You can go fast and you can go slow
You can stop and you can go
You can keep yourself in good shape
As a car driver changes the oil
And when something goes wrong you need help
Like a car driver needs a mechanic
And like we need Jesus Christ
Jesus - Son of God
The greatest gift god could ever give
Through him we can do all things

Jesus Christ
My savior
With him no wall is high enough
No place is dark enough enough
No obstacle is difficult enough
To stand in the way
And certainly no person
Is unworthy or unrighteousness enough to receive the blessing of having a relation ship with him

For we all seek a higher power
And desire something greater than ourselves
And for me Jesus fills that spot but he does more then that
Through him I thrive
Though him I live
And I love

And We will all experience bumps in the road it's how we deal with it that sets us apart
It's the hope for the future
The eternal future with Jesus
That supplies us with the fuel we need to persevere through the sticky parts of our lives

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