Title:  Communication

Author:   Coltenevans
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Communication

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My mind . My thoughts . Scrambled
Like a tv
playing every Channel
all at once
And all the time
Oh what stress it causes
Oh what a pain it is
So you ask me
Why i struggle in thee

Thy parental figures
So blessed to have
Some with so much love to give
Communicating such a strength
I think not - I'm sorry but i don't agree
Not now. Not ever. And that I promise
But improvement. I'd admire
Their years long past young
But I hold my tongue with utter respect

A struggle .A weakness.

A stressor. An Agitator

Bottom of the slope - no Place to go but up
Oh my skill of communication

Patience - what a virtue
So much to learn
And So much to master

Pride oh the biggest struggle of them all
Through it the idea of proper communication is so far fetched
Through it communicating is almost intangible

Comments on "Communication "
Posted by GuildHunter on July 29, 2014
"My mind . My thoughts . Scrambled
Like a TV
Playing every channel
All at once
And all the time"

Love this poem! :)