Title:  goodbye my friend

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life fading silence

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my life is fading away
but, my body is too tired to fall asleep
my earthly dreams weep
while the shadow of death watches over me
my holy sanctuary of flesh and blood
will soon return to dust
my human world will come to an end
soon I’ll be walking in the air
I ‘ll be talking with the wind
I ‘ll be making jokes with immortality
and like a newborn child I’ll fall asleep in the arms of eternity
on an endless journey
where silence will be my companion
in a world where I was before I was born
alone in the limelight of my never ending story
on the back of my snow white unicorn
travelling to the sacred source of love and life
where the muted heartbeats of my mourning wife
reveal the mystery of my yesterday
amidst the pale colors of a shadows play
and here I will stay
until time recolors my day

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