Title:  Life's clock

Author:   Jg918
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Life, clock

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Tick tock
That's life's clock
And it ticks every day
As we waste our life away
We have our eyes set on the future and the past
We forget about the present and it moves too fast
We lose our one chance and opportunity
We look back on it with so much scrutiny
Thinking about what we could have done differently
For a better outcome
Difference between working hard and having fun
It's not about what you have done
It's about what you will do
To improve, your life
So then you can shine
Make yourself proud
Don't worry about the future
But worry about now
You control the future by what you do today
So don't watch life's clock,slowly start to tick away

Comments on "Life's clock"
Posted by W.T.K on August 05, 2014
Life is ticking again and so
enchantingly with your poem !