Title:  What Could (Not) Be True

Author:   Chaselyn
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Self Esteem, Relationships, Deceit, Drowning, Truth, Life

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What was it about you
That made me...
Say it could not be true

That I could admire
The things you did...
Melting me with a mere glance
Pulling me in by the waist
Full of the perfect words
Drowning me with
That way you made me...
Feel so high
Throwing my head back to laugh
Because I could never laugh enough
To keep my chest from bursting
With this something... that
Said it could not be true

You thought I belonged
Somewhere so high
And from there
I peered down
To who I was
All alone
At the bottom
Residing alongside bits
And pieces of my heart
Not much of anything
To belong anywhere

When you become, transform
To what could not be true
How can I gaze upon
That which makes me...
Be... be alive-
More than nothing,
Someone with a bursting chest,
Who can laugh with their soul-
And not panic
As you writhe and explode
Dying in my soul,
Sprinkling shatters onto
The girl at the bottom
Of it all...
It can not be true

Neither could that girl,
Up so high, be true...
We realize this as she

No longer drowning in
The life that you were,
But in the nothing
that she was.

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