Title:  She Was (Not) Mysterious

Author:   Chaselyn
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Facade, Verisimilitude, Questions, Loneliness, Misunderstanding, Mystery, Guarded, Soul, Self Esteem

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She was not mysterious in that she guarded or misconstrued any of her numerous nuances, but in that she spoke freely and purely whenever someone inquired about her soul...
She disarmed people
They figured:

A woman must be bursting with such self assuredness to unveil her soul at the mere adornment of a question mark at the end of a string of bumbling words...

A woman who harbors such confidence must voice everything she feels ought to be said.
Why, I must already know every facet of that which she consists of.

And they were right...
She disclosed all that she felt ought to be said, which were answers
Answers to questions...
Imploring questions,
Sincere questions

One's soul is such precious and weighty cargo to unload
Upon unworthy and uninterested shells, which are an ...audience...

And so it was
And so it goes

None of the right... immense... real questions
Were ever asked

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