Title:  Rhyme Spews

Author:   Coffee.n.Tea
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  rhyme

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These rhymes, they give it a little play
but in the end, they still say
what my mind wants to spew
with a half-hearted view
--no, more like a laugh-gaurded feel
'Cause I can't express myself for real
unless I'm rhyming to take away from
those serious tones I run away from
This is my outlet, I swear
That laughter's not a mask that I wear
I think I can finally put
my writing to use, and foots-
down this is the least
cringe-worthy way I've pieced
my thoughts and feelings together
down on paper and whether
It's playful or not
my feeling's been given a shot
at expression I've got
to take a change; my hand's hot
with ability to let free
what finally is just me
I hate dramatic big words
and I really don't want to be heard
like that, but I still love others and feel
for others' pain but I just tend to reel
away from extending a hand
Only on the outside does my heart look bland

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