Title:  A FRAUD

Author:   GuildHunter
Category:   Friendship
Keywords:  Fake friends, trust

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You call her your friend
Are you certain?
Do you know the meaning of it?
No, not that
What I mean to ask is,
Do you know the value of it?

How can you call someone a friend,
When you are envious of her
When you rival with her
You say you love her
You don’t
Not when everything inside you hopes;
For praise
For glory
For appreciation
Much greater than hers

She accepted you
She welcomed you
She gave you treasures,
Her trust
Her love
You brushed it all aside
As if it were nothing

And yet, you still call her your friend
You call me your friend
Does everything in this universe
losing its worth now?

As much as it pains me to say this
You are a fraud
You are a fraud, my friend

-Trizia Garcia

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