Title:  new

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
Keywords:  alasdfasfkajskf

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rolling hills and uncut grass, loving doves I see

calming streams and a subtle breeze, tragic alone I be

patterns arise among the tide and such love is cornered by the beast

breathing near I sit and stare at lovers lost and lovers free

no rose amid the grind and grit can arise above the ash

of forest fires and rising desires that engulf the hills i see

among the fawns and full grown pawns I spot the lost and weak

too meek and to seek the suns warm beeking, they choose to hide from the prey

and yet they dawn upon the quandary of the minds sullen creeping

alone they be and yet they breath the hope that i desperately see

un-able to help i sit and sulk in the treasures i can not seek

tragic be it may, i gallop and pray with those that i see in me

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