Title:  my immortal love syndrome

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  heart page home starlit

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the vulnerability of my immortal love syndrome
turns me down
but, I’ll fight back from my golden cage
wearing my shiny crown
for the beginning of a new age
from an empty stage
where I escape goodbye
when I turn a shattered page
I look for an embrace
and pretend to call it home
where I seek shelter against the reasons why
that throw a shadow on another perfect day
looking through the overhanging trees
trying to get some colour on my pale face
with memories from my starlit space
I must leave behind the soured pie
the flavour of a deserted place
that pulls me down on my knees
when all my past is gone
I am on the way out
to the world of the brave one
where my heart cries out loud
a sweet wake up call
“I have missed you all”

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