Title:  Right or left?

Author:   Coltenevans
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Life love right or left god Jesus religion inspiration

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Here I am . Standing. Straight up
With a rope pulling me one way .
And another the opposite .
I know what's right. I know where I must go .
Yet I'm struggling . Trying to make up my mind .
My mind still not clear .
I want to chose the right path .
I want to above all else
Just So tired of hurting . Myself and the ones who love me the most.
Tired of screwing up .
Tired of feeling guilty .
Tired of always hiding things.
I just want to be set free .
I began to relize .
I can't handle this alone .
Impossible. Just impossible
I need god in my life .
I need that relationship.
I need that strength
Thinking these thoughts I began to feel one of the ropes become more forcefully
Pulling me . I began to finally move . Finally going somewhere.
My mind - My thoughts
Now clearer.
No more temporarily
No more back and forth .
Foward . I move .
Toward the right direction
The right path
I at last follow .

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